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Welcome to! Your home on the web for all things Pseudo. We're excited to be opening up this new site so that we can provide you with all you're looking for regarding PSW: Music, Software, and more!

Check here for the latest news - last updated 2004.09.29.

It's possible that you've surfed over to us by accident, or without much knowledge of what PSW, in it's many incarnations, is all about. So, allow me to fill you in...

PSW currently exists as two (more or less) branches of a creative team producing music and software. Pseudo Sound Works is a recording label, and Pseudo Soft Works is concerned with computer programming.

From the thought provoking, folk strains of Reliable Toasters, to the alternative rock sounds of North and the Sea, PSW can hook you up with quality Christian music.

If classic 8-bit computers are more your style, PSW has Commodore 64 Demos and utilities for you to download today! has been designed for your convenience, and web browsing pleasure. If you have any comments or questions about the website, or anything PSW, email us! We're waiting to hear from you!


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